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The entire field of modern dentistry and oral surgery

In our dental practice for general dentistry and oral surgery, we have combined a comprehensive spectrum of specializations to offer you dentistry at the highest level: from bleaching (tooth whitening) and professional tooth cleaning to anesthesia treatment, wisdom tooth removal and dental implantation. Of course, our treatment rooms are also equipped according to the latest hygiene standards and are technically up to date.

Oral surgery

All oral surgical procedures in our dental practice are gentle and painless. For anxious patients or if desired, the treatments can be performed in twilight sleep (sedation) or under general anesthesia. We have been working with the experienced anaesthetist Dr. Antje Hube for many years. Our main fields of activity are implants with and without bone augmentation, sinus lift, removal of wisdom teeth, lip frenulum and other mucous membrane plastics, recession covers, periodontal surgery, surgical crown extensions, removal of mucous membrane changes, maxillary sinus surgery.

Filling therapy

If a tooth gets damaged by trauma or caries bacteria, it is our task, with the help of modern filling technology, to rebuild the tooth in a permanent, stable and aesthetical way. In our practice, we only use high-quality materials and procedures that correspond to the latest scientific standards.


The most common reason for endodontic treatment is an infection of the tissue inside the tooth (pulp). This can be caused by caries, leaky or defective fillings or dental trauma due to accidents. During root canal treatment, the inside of the tooth is opened under local anaesthesia. Bacterial and tissue residues are then removed from the canal system and its branches.


Conventional techniques can usually only reach a small part of the system. With the help of a microscope, side canals, calcified or atypically located canal systems can also be found and freed from bacteria and diseased tissue. The resulting cavities are cleaned, widened, disinfected and sealed with a special filling material. Finally, the tooth is filled.

Dental prosthesis

If caries or trauma leads to larger defects on the tooth or even to tooth loss, we offer all-ceramic restorations in the form of inlays, veneers, partial crowns, crowns or removable prosthetics. Our dental practice cooperates with the dental laboratory Claus Küchler (http://www.ckdental.de). It is a traditional family business in the heart of Munich, whose high-quality work is based on many years of experience and continuous team training.

Dental implant treatment

However, if tooth gaps occur due to accidents, a disease of the teeth or genetic factors, implants can be used to close the gaps and thus restore chewing strength and aesthetics. Implants can replace teeth, complete dental arches or anchor prostheses, and last but not least preserve bone permanently.

Children's dental treatment

For children, in addition to a detailed caries diagnosis, the cleaning and sealing of the teeth is also very important. If there are defects in the teeth, they are gently treated with fissure sealants or small fillings. If your child is very afraid and a major restoration is necessary, this can also be carried out under anaesthesia in individual cases


In order to maintain the hold of your teeth, the early detection of diseases of the periodontium is important to us. The gentle and painless treatment of periodontitis is supported by microbiological tests of the bacterial flora, ozone therapy to kill germs without side effects, bone defect filling and, last but not least, regular aftercare. In addition to bleaching (whitening teeth), healthy gums are an important building block for a beautiful and healthy appearance.

Anaesthesia treatment

We can perform complex surgical procedures as well as the treatment or anxious patients, children and the disabled under sedation or general anesthesia. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like anesthesia or treatment in twilight sleep.

Dental aesthetics

In addition to oral health, the harmonious overall appearance of teeth and gums contributes significantly to well-being. We can reconstruct teeth and gums in a natural way or eliminate irregularities – of course always in harmony with the optimal function.

We will be pleased to inform you about bleaching (gentle whitening of teeth) and the treatment of teeth with veneers (wafer-thin ceramic facets) in our dental practice. We are looking forward to your visit!


In our dental practice we work with the most modern diagnostic equipment, including digital networking, in order to always be able to offer the best treatment option on the one hand and to reduce the stress, e.g. during X-rays, to a minimum on the other.

Clinical diagnostics and all treatments are always performed with magnifying glasses (5x magnification) or supported by an OP microscope (Zeiss).

Professional tooth cleaning

Regular professional tooth cleaning is essential for healthy teeth and white teeth. Your teeth will be cleaned as thoroughly as is not possible at home in a one-hour session by my prophylaxis assistants. We use Airflow (“Airpolishing”) for this among other things. The so-called powder jet technique gently removes discolorations caused by food (nicotine, tea, coffee, red wine) from tooth surfaces. After the treatment, a disinfecting gel is applied to the gum pockets and the tooth surfaces are protected with a fluoride varnish. Professional tooth cleaning is the basis for bleaching treatment (whitening of teeth). An advisory discussion regarding individual oral care tips is always part of the treatment and thus supports the stable long-term result.

Our special fields

For us, implantology and endodontics are two of the most innovative and exciting areas of dentistry – especially because they enable the dentist to develop patented, gentle and long-term satisfactory solutions for patients who really need them. In our dental practice, we specialize in solutions such as root canal treatments and implantation of artificial tooth roots and will gladly advise you on the latest certified methods and possibilities.

Navigated implantation with drilling templates

Before the planned implantation, a CBCT diagnosis (three-dimensional X-ray image) is carried out on our patient at the Mesantis Radiological Institute in Munich (http://www.mesantis-muenchen.de). The 3D imaging enables highest diagnostic reliability in diagnosis and treatment planning with minimal radiation exposure and short examination times. The result is a three-dimensional image of the tooth and jaw conditions. This image can be used to determine the optimal fit of the implant – position, angle and depth. In addition, the doctor receives information about the bone structure and its quality as well as the course of the mandibular nerve or the maxillary sinuses. This is used to fabricate a drilling template that allows navigated implant placement. The template guides the drill exactly and in the correct position. Aside from that, the surgical time is minimized.

PRGF – Endoret (Plasma Rich in growth factor)
Professional tooth cleaning

PRGF Endoret technology is the first technique based on the production of a 100% endogenous concentrate of growth factors (obtained from a small amount of the patient’s blood), which is globally recognized and patented by the BTI Biotechnology Institute. We use it after tooth removal (and wisdom tooth removal), implant treatments, patients with bone loss or periodontal defects.

The advantages are acceleration of wound healing, reduction of inflammation, reduction of infection risk and pain.

For the application of the PRGF-Endoret technique I was specially trained and certified at a BTI Biotechnology Institute (Prof. Anitua, Vitoria, Spain) (http://bti-biotechnologyinstitute.com).

Do you have any questions about our services or one of our specialist areas?

Additional service

In order not only to guarantee the standard of our treatment quality, but also to continuously improve it, we attach great importance to continuous measures that help us to promote and improve the quality of internal practice procedures. Furthermore we offer you a guarantee on dental prostheses and implants during regular routine examinations and cleaning.

Quality Management

By quality management we mean the continuous and systematic implementation of measures aimed at achieving sustained quality promotion and improvement in our dental practice. For us, QM means that the organizational structure, work processes and results of our practice are regularly checked, documented and, if necessary, modified.

The original guidelines of the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) can be viewed on the Internet at the following address. (https://www.g-ba.de)


If you have the half-yearly checks and professional dental cleaning carried out by us, you will have a five-year guarantee on dental prosthesis and implants.

Think of prevention

We recommend a check-up twice a year. Here you can immediately carry out the recommended professional tooth cleaning or bleaching (whitening of teeth) to protect and care for your teeth even better.

Depending on the risk of illness, the recommendation for adults is 1 – 4 times per year, for children 2 – 4 times. We offer you a free reminder service so that you don’t forget your preventive appointments.

Prevention instead of dentures

We will work with you to develop a treatment concept that is individually tailored to your needs. Beginning with the detailed initial diagnosis, the oral hygiene treatment (professional tooth cleaning), the possibly necessary conservative therapy (e.g. fillings, inlays) or prosthetic treatment (e.g. crowns and bridges) up to aftercare (e.g. after removal of the wisdom teeth) and maintenance therapy, you are in good hands with us. The same applies to anxious patients, for whom we take special care of stress-free treatment and consultation. The sustainable treatment concept should keep your teeth healthy in the long term.

Professional tooth cleaning

Today, teeth can be preserved into old age through targeted prevention. Good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are important prerequisites for counteracting the most important diseases of the oral cavity, such as caries and periodontitis (inflammation of the dental bed). However, they are normally not sufficient as sole measures. Stubborn deposits and bacterial plaque on tooth surfaces that are difficult to access require additional professional tooth cleaning in the dental practice. It is an intensive cleaning with special instruments with the aim of removing all plaque on the tooth surface that can cause illness or cosmetic problems. In this way caries and periodontitis can be effectively prevented and at the same time the appearance of the teeth can be improved. The reduction of bacteria also makes an important contribution to the prevention and supportive treatment of general medical diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases (COLD), gastrointestinal diseases and the prevention of premature births. (Source: Patient information of the Federal Dental Association and DGZMK)

What does Professional Tooth Cleaning include?

  • thorough examination of the oral cavity and the dental system (e.g. determination of a plaque and bleeding index)
  • gentle removal of deposits by ultrasonic vibrations, powder/water spray (airflow), hand instruments
  • subsequent polishing with fluoride-containing paste
  • Application of disinfecting chlorhexidine gel and fluoride-containing varnish for long-term protection of the tooth
  • Hints and care tips for optimizing oral hygiene at home
Professional tooth cleaning for children

Individual cleaning of children’s teeth is recommended from 6 years of age. It is assessed whether the child cleans sufficiently and correctly, whether the gums are inflammation-free and whether there is a malposition of the teeth. An important part of child prophylaxis is oral health education. The following questions are discussed individually with the parents:

  • How does caries develop?
  • Why is the gum inflamed?
  • Better care? Does it possibly have to be cleaned again? Care of the spaces between the teeth
  • Nutrition, hidden sugars
  • Does fluoride make sense for my child?
  • Sealing necessary?

Partner & Network

A comprehensive and competent partner network is essential in all areas of medicine in order to provide you with interdisciplinary advice or, if necessary, to refer you to a specialist colleague. So you can always be sure that your health is in the right hands.

Dr. Markus Basler

Specialist in internal medicine

Roland Lang

Physical therapist

Simon Elsässer

Certified sports scientist
Personal Trainer, Personal Coach

Dr. Peter Schwick

Doctor of Pediatrics and Neonatology

Dr. Ralf Ullmann

Orthopaedic specialist
Chirotherapy, Acupuncture

Claus Küchler

Dental technician

Doro Hugger

Examined nurse, Pilates instructor and seminar leader for progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson